Teen Gets Macy's Royal Treatment

An escort of state troopers and family joined a Londonderry 18 year old on Friday.

Londonderry 18-year-old Ashley Pelletier suffers from a seizure disorder, and because of her condition, she doesn't speak.

But according to her mother, Ashley does light up when she sees or hears her idol, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

"She just really comes out of her shell, and (she has) all kinds of just excitement and her feet going and she's a different kid," Diane Pelletier said.

So after starting at the age of 16 in a queue of 300 kids, Ashley has moved to the front of the line and her wish will be granted through the Make a Wish program – a remarkable chance to fly down to Little Rock, Ark. and meet Beiber face-to-face.

"It has been an incredible experience," Diane said, saying that the family's experience in the program has been more than they could ever expect.

That "more than" portion of Diane's expectations was on full display Friday, when Ashley was wheeled around the Mall of New Hampshire Macy's store for a makeover, shopping spree and several other gifts in between. Macy's serves as a partner with the Make a Wish foundation.

A state police escort and a giant cutout of the Beibs also joined in the festivities.

Joining the swarm of people who came out to brighten Ashley's day was Brittany Capistran, who met the Londonderry teen about two years ago.

Capistran has served as Ashley's "wish granter" throughout the process, recognizing how excited Ashley would get whenever somebody talked about Beiber or put one of his songs on.

"For Ashley it is absolutely a wonderful opportunity," Capistran said. "She is delighted to be able to meet him."

She referenced the iconic Canadian singer as Ashley's "hero and inspiration," saying that the music creates a smile on her face that can't be described.

The flight south will take place on Jan. 9 and coincide with Beiber's U.S. tour.

Ashley will also be accompanied by her friend Jennifer, who was by her side throughout Friday afternoon's events. Ashley's nurse will also travel to Arkansas.

The granted wish is part of the fifth anniversary of Macy's National Believe Day, where 60 wishes have been granted to deliver the spirit of generosity during the holiday season.


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