OMGPD: Errant Shots, Urination, Meth, and Mass. Drivers

A snapshot of odd, unusual and 'oh my gosh' police news from around NH and the vicinity.

Oh, those Massachusetts drivers.

Windham, N.H. – It wasn't the smoothest getaway for two Massachusetts men who were arrested on Feb. 21 after allegedly breaking into a home on West Shore Road before backing into a snow bank trying to flee in their vehicle. Robert P. Dalton, 35, of 21 Reservoir St. in Lowell, Mass. and Vietnam M. Dang, 34, of 12 Hartshorn Ave. in Worcester, Mass. were both charged with burglary while Dalton was additionally charged with robbery.

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Does this qualify for hazard pay?

Londonderry, N.H. – Ian Thompson was recently indicted by a grand jury in Rockingham County for allegedly nearly urinating on a Londonderry police officer after a drunken driving arrest. He was asked to remove his belt, a standard operating procedure during booking, and his pants fell down. And then, as an officer attempted to help pull up the trousers....

Read more at: Milford Man Indicted for Almost Urinating on Officer

Target practice goes awry

Merrimack, N.H. – A survey crew was working on a local road when a bullet flew by. Was it a bullet? A police unit was dispatched to the scene and then another bullet was fired somewhere overhead in their vicinity. A man and woman target shooting nearby were soon facing charges.

Read more at: Pair Charged for Recklessly Firing Rifle

Alleged home meth lab puts woman on school leave

Nashua, N.H. – A woman charged by Nashua Police Feb. 13 in connection with a meth lab operation inside her home was working part-time for the school district. Melissa Champagne was charged by Nashua Police with two felony counts of prohibited conduct on Feb. 13. Her husband, Raymond Champagne, was charged with manufacture of methamphetamine; and two counts of prohibited conduct. The prohibited conduct charges are related to the fact that the alleged drug operations were being conducted while the couple's two children, both under the age of 12, were inside the home.  

Read more at: Meth Lab Mom Is Part-Time Lunch Monitor for Elementary School

Accused prostitute disrobes before Toppings Pizza delivery man 

Kennebunk, Maine – The manager of Toppings Pizza says he delivered pasta to a Zumba instructor accused of being a prostitute, and, when he was there, she dropped her towel and stood before him naked. It was "really awkward," the man testified in the trial now underway, according to the Portland Press Herald. The case of the alleged Zumba prostitute continues to get national attention; at least one New Hampshire man is on the list of alleged johns in the case, according to Kennebunk PD and as reported by Portsmouth-NH Patch.


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