State Trooper Injured in Crash

It was just one of 93 motor vehicle incidents state police out of Troop B responded to on Friday.

New Hampshire State Police out of the Troop B Barracks in Bedford responded to 93 motor vehicle incidents during high traffic commuting hours on Friday.

Those incidents included motor vehicle crashes, motor vehicles off the roadway and disabled motorists. Most of the incidents occurred on the F.E. Everett Turnpike, Interstate 293 and Interstate 93, causing significant traffic delays.

On Friday morning, Trooper First Class Thomas Forsley was dealing with a motor vehicle incident on Route 101 in Milford when his cruiser was sideswiped by a passing motorist, later identified as Melinda Simoneau of Nashua. Forsley suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from Southern New Hampshire medical center.

Around 11 a.m., a commercial motor vehicle's trailer separated from the tractor on the Route 293 northbound at the Exit 6 off ramp in Manchester, causing the ramp to be shut down for approximately two hours.

There were two other incidents involving commercial motor vehicles causing delays to commuters. A jackknifed tractor trailer in the high speed lane, southbound on the Everett Turnpike in Nashua shut down two lanes of travel for several hours. Occurring at the same time was a tractor trailer unit stuck on the exit two on-ramp on I-93 northbound in Salem, closing the ramp for approximately 20 minutes.

Earlier Friday morning, Trooper David Myer arrested the operator of a motor vehicle for possession of marijuana on I-93 southbound in Manchester. The operator was identified as 19-year-old Joseph Tower of Tewksbury, Mass. He was bailed and released with a Manchester court date.

State police urge drivers to remain vigilant while operating on the roadways, especially during commuting hours and in inclement weather.

Margie March 08, 2013 at 09:30 PM
New Hampshire highway department totally sucks caring for the interstates during snowy and icy weather. The highway chief should be fired! It is deplorable how they manage the salting and plowing operations. They take so long to tend to the roads and when they finally do get out there it seems they milk the operations for the overtime. WE DESRVE BETTER NH! I guess it's all about saving a buck for the state when it comes to spending monies on the calcium chlorides, and salt for the roadways. They wait so long to tend to the roads and before you know it it's too late....they lost the roadway…we are now left with taking our lives in our own hands in fighting our way home in treacherous road conditions driving, and hydroplaning on hard and soft packed slush ice. We pay enough taxes, and as taxpayers we deserve better. You or your loved ones could be next on the casualty list if you all don't speak out about how much of a lousy job they do in caring for our roads. I don’t want to hear about how difficult it is to deal with the salting and plowing operations because of the traffic on the roadways. If it was planned right maybe temporarily reduce traffic to one side and take it section or exit to exit and or alternate closing lanes while running the equipment tandem to clear the roadways. Do something other than sitting on your hands.


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