Scott Brown in 'No Hurry' to Decide on NH Senate Run

During a visit to Londonderry, he noted that the deadline to file for the seat isn't until June of 2014.

Scott Brown spoke in Londonderry on Thursday night.
Scott Brown spoke in Londonderry on Thursday night.
Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown was in Londonderry on Thursday night, but he still isn't saying whether he'll run for the Senate here in New Hampshire.

Brown was the key speaker at a meeting of the Londonderry Republican Committee at the Harold Square restaurant. It's one of nearly a dozen appearances he's made in the Granite State in recent months. He's also scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the NHGOP's holiday fundraiser on Dec. 19.

Though Brown touched on several topics, he had little to say about whether he might run against New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen–a Democrat–in 2014. Brown owns a summer home in Rye, and is in the process of selling his Massachusetts home.

"I don't think anything's off the table at this point," he said. "I'm in no hurry, there's no timetable," he added, noting that the filing period doesn't close until June 13, 2014. "There's no pressure."

He did seem to quell any talk that he might run for president in 2016, saying "I don't think I ever said I was thinking about running for president." Back in August, the Boston Herald reported that Brown said he was looking at a possible 2016 presidential bid. 

The Huffington Post, quoting a political operative with ties to Brown, reported Wednesday that the former Republican senator is "warming to the idea" of a run for Senate in New Hampshire.

Shaheen, who has repeatedly mentioned Brown's name in fundraising pleas, did so again in an email sent out on Thursday.

"Between Massachusetts' Scott Brown, who's coming again to New Hampshire today, and radical Bob Smith, who's filing papers to run, we could face the unprecedented challenge of running against two former senators," her email read.

Smith announced Sunday that he was entering the race, making him the third declared Republican candidate, along with State Sen. Jim Rubens and conservative activist Karen Testerman.

In addition to taking shots at President Obama and Obamacare, Brown was highly critical of Shaheen during his appearance in Londonderry on Thursday.

"There's going to be consequences to them going against the will of the voters," Brown said. "The fact that they rammed it through and 60 senators held firm, one of which is a senator here in New Hampshire, there's going to be consequences I anticipate based on the thousands, millions of people uninsured and more about to lose their insurance. It's a real problem.

"She really needs to start explaining to people why she was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare," he said of Shaheen. "

Before the event, New Hampshire Democrats held signs outside the restaurant protesting Brown's appearance.

"We're just not that into you," read one. "Scott Brown - He's Not One of Us" read another.

New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein issued the following statement concerning Brown's visit:

"If Scott Brown decides to run he'll have a lot more to explain than just his out of state drivers license. Forbes named him Wall Street's favorite Congressman because he did their bidding in the senate instead of working for the middle class. Since he was rejected by Massachusetts voters, Brown has been lining his own pockets lobbying on Wall Street's behalf. The people who knew him best learned quickly that Scott Brown's only concern is Scott Brown, and if he run for Senate or President New Hampshire voters will rapidly reach the same conclusion."


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