Variances for Workforce Housing Complex Denied

A 240-unit apartment building is sought for Perkins Road.

Three requests for variances for a 240-unit apartment complex on Perkins Road were all denied by the Zoning Board of Adjustment last week, according to a report by the Union Leader.

According to the paper, the ZBA heard opposition from many of the neighbors of the project throughout the meeting, with some questioning safety, traffic issues and setting a bad precedent by reducing the number of workforce housing units on the project.

A variance to lower the workforce housing units from 75 percent to 50 percent was sought, along with variances to allow 24 units per building (larger than the town allows) and to exceed the maximum number of housing units per square mile.

joe blow December 02, 2012 at 02:07 PM
This law is the result of NH turning into a progressive welfare state promoted by the left. Nobody gave me and many others I know a hand out. You want a better life work your a** off to get ahead, 2 or 3 jobs if need be. Few miles down the road there are plenty of affordable options in Derry. Problem is nobody wants to work anymore, increasing demanding more from government. NH is turning into states like MA, CA or even worse the countries of Europe. Whats next subsidies for gated communities? Tax deduction for luxury vehicles?


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